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Hello fellow Educators,

KyGoPlay robot logo thingLate in the year 2014, teacher librarians Heidi Neltner and James Allen, while chatting to a group during #KyEdChat, came up with the idea that maybe we needed to encourage teachers to play to learn through an actual and statewide (World-Wide?) campaign for PLAY. (special thanks to @martypark for his tweets on that night too!)

We have a theory of sorts that people who play or tinker with things have a greater understanding of how to use them. Tinkering is an excellent way to learn about new technologies, and play is a great way to relieve stress – especially in those long months leading up to Spring break.

Here’s a video that explains the concept – with research!:

We would love it if you hosted a #KyGoPlay event in your classroom, library, or your entire school. Hosting a #KyGoPlay event could provide you with a way to start conversations with other teachers, generate collaboration, and lighten the mood in your building and show off some of the things you have. Teacher librarians, you could provide teachers with a place to tinker and play with things like iPads, coding, computer applications, Office 365, Legos, cameras and editing software, etc. You could also partner with your PE teacher and ask them to host a faculty “play” event that could serve as a model for team-building exercises teachers can use in their classrooms.

Questions, comments, ideas? Just email one of us!

Feel free to share the video and information with your administrators!

Also…Here is a great post on www.fractuslearning.com by Heidi on #KyGoPlay.