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Challenge 1: Adobe Spark

July is the perfect time to get acquainted with Adobe Spark. With the recent changes they have made to their Education policy, now even students under the age of 13 are able to share their learning in powerful ways. The Spark Education page is a great place to start, and you for sure want to check out the PD Kit┬áif you’re in charge of training other people.


If your curiosity about this tool isn’t already IGNITED, check out this quick overview of how to get started with Adobe Spark.



Now it’s time to PLAY!

Set aside some time for yourself this week to PLAY with Adobe Spark. Try a Post, Page or Video – or all three! As you’re playing to learn these new tools consider how you might use them in your instruction to engage learners or to share your message with your school community. How might you model ethical and safe use? How might you introduce these tools to students to use


Don’t forget to SHARE what you’ve made and/or your insights into the process. You might share with a friend, post to a larger audience with the #KyGoPlay hashtag or even make an explainer video that you can use with students this school year. Don’t keep your thoughts and your discoveries to yourself!

#KySTE17 KyGoPlayGround

Good morning! We need you! On Thursday, March 9 come be a monitor in the #KySTE17 #KyGoPlayGround (an ISTE style Playground event)! Bring your favorite technology ideas to share in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Rotations will last an hour and will be hosted at different tables in the Cochran room at the Galt House.

Things you might demo include: apps, websites, your favorite Google tools, Office 365 tools, robotics, micro-controllers, Raspberry Pi, maker projects – the sky is the limit. The more hands on the better! This year’s KySTE theme is Tech Heroes – show us how you leverage your favorite tools to build technology heroes in your school! Feel free to sign up for more than one rotation!

Please share widely with anyone you know will be at #KySTE17. Thanks!!!

Sign up here today!