Need Ideas?

Need ideas? Check out these resources:


CoSpacesEDU is a great way for students to create their own virtual reality worlds. They can tell stories, code and share their work. Free teacher accounts allow for 30 students and 1 space.



HP Reveal, formerly Aurasma can be used by students to create their own Augmented Reality. Use Aurasma studio on a computer or HP reveal from a tablet. Check out how to use it [here].




Use Google’s Tour Creator to create your very own virtual reality tours.





Click on the image for link is a fantastic way to introduce your students to coding. With their free curriculum, and Hour of Code initiative, you can engage students at their level




With Hopscotch, use a tablet to learn to code through challenges, share with an online community and make your own games.




With Kodable, even the youngest students can learn to code. The free plan includes 49 practice activities and a few standards aligned lessons plans. You can use it on a computer or tablet.




Inspire young people with a variety of engaging projects from fashion to app design. Connect young women coders to mentors.





Micro:bits are tiny computers that are smaller than even a credit card. The micro-controller includes programmable LEDs, physical connection pins, motion, light and sound sensors, wireless connection and USB port. Create robots, games and so much more. With Micro:bit you can code in python or java script.



Create interactive stories, games and animations and share to Scratch’s online community. Pair this with a Makey Makey for even for play possibility.



ScratchJr and PBS ScratchJr are two coding applications intended for kids age 5-7. Learn the basics of animation, game development and storytelling with these apps.




Learn to code on an iPad using the Apple’s programming language through game based play and lessons




With a free Educator Tynker account you get 2 courses, Hour of Code activities, and professional development.




Digital Storytelling

iMovie: Trailers Tell a Quick Story

Garageband: Introduction to Podcasting

Chatterpix: Retell your Favorite Story

Bloxels: Make your own video game


Dash and Dot


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