Challenge 5 – Sketchnoting


It may be cooling down, but #SketchnoteFever is just warming up. For November’s #KyGoPlay challenge we’re exploring the creative synthesis power of sketchnoting. Skethnoting is an amazing and versatile way to show what you know through images and notes. They are highly personal to the sketchnoter, and help them to generate meaning of information.

To create a sketchnote, you can use anything from old-school paper and markers, to the newest Rocketbook and Fusion pen, to any number of amazing digital tools – some that even allow you to create time-lapse videos like Keynote and Procreate.

Right now you can ignite your learning daily with Sylvia Duckworth’s challenges.  Check them out here, and check out some of the amazing work she does and continues to inspire.


There are tons of digital tools available for you to use to create amazing sketchnotes.

One way to create animated sketchnotes on the iPad is to use drawing and animation features in Keynote. Get a quick how-to below.


One of my favorite ways to sketchnote is with the iPad app, Procreate. It has over 100 brushes, layer options, and it will also allow you to export your drawing as a time-lapse video. 

Some sketchnotes are created live and on the spot, like this one I sketched at ISTE this year in Chicago. That is not a rule though. Sketchnoting can also be planned out and serve as a visual representation of our understandings. 

This template gave me the ability to organize the sketch on the spot.


Be sure to share what you’re doing and learning using #KyGoPlay and #SketchnoteFever!






2 responses to “Challenge 5 – Sketchnoting”

  1. Sylvia Duckworth Avatar

    What a great blogpost, James. Those instructional videos are fantastic! Thanks so much for promoting and participating in #SKETCHNOTEFEVER. Fingers crossed, other educators will join in and discover the benefits of sketchnoting in the classroom! Sylvia

    1. James Allen Avatar
      James Allen

      Thanks! It was fun doing the challenges!

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