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Challenge 4: Google Drawings


I’m not sure how it is October already, but it is… Time for a new monthly KyGoPlay challenge. This month we are taking a closer look at an oft-overlooked Google tool, Google Drawings. I had this idea all worked up and then I saw this tweet by Kevin Brookhouser. Dang it. (that was my reply to the Tweet) tweet screenshotAlthough it does seem that G Drawings doesn’t have much to offer, it does offer a scaled down interface compared to Slides. Students can collaborate on one single image. You can also provide directions outside of the canvas area. Anyway…


Ok. Now that we have decided not to abandon G Drawings forever; let’s give it a go. There are some tools and features that are hidden beneath some menus. Take some time to check out the possibilities. So much can be done with transparency and line options. Here is a great video by Matt Miller that may spark some ideas for you and your students.


So here is the challenge. Create something cool in Google Drawings and post it to the Twitter and tag @KyGoPlay. I created this using (almost) only G Drawings. I also used the YouTube “hack” that was in Matt’s video. My favorite “kind-of” Creative Commons photo-sharing site, Unsplash, was also used. Check that site out if you haven’t yet. People there share some incredible artful photography for you to use with your students. Here is a link to copy this drawing to your own Drive. It may help you to explore it and see the edits made to the lines and shapes.

Google Drawing

Bonus: One of my favorite friends, @mrpiercEy, does this cool thing with Drawings for his students. He shares this Drawing to his students in Google Classroom. Awesome idea!

google drawing screenshot

Good luck in your Google Drawing explorations and play. Don’t forget to share it with us!







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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing, James!

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